Kingdom Provision & Economy!

Have you ever noticed that Kingdom Provision is directly related to natural resources? blh

That’s right. Yahshua said, “bring me what you have” He will not require of you what you do not have; but He may require of you all of the ready resources you presently have available.

Several decades ago, I was introduced to a ministry who believed and lived supernatural multiplication. It became a teaching that a friend of mine lived and died believing. In more ways than not it opened me up to so many truths concerning the Everlasting Covenant of the Kingdom and how highly blessed and favored we are as a people. They had constructed a building made out of hand-hewn Italian marble and covered the pillars of that facility with real gold. They also constructed a covenant baptismal house and its walls were covered by every precious stone named in the bible. It was a part of their testimony and they openly shared how Yahweh had blessed them over the years by supernaturally multiplying love offerings before their very eyes or by adding large sums of money to their depleted bank accounts.

However, in order enter the Tabernacle of David or be included in a corporate worship service you had to be dressed in a certain way. They had a clothes rack in the back of the building that served to fulfill that requirement. I can truthfully say that they sincerely loved Yahweh and His People, and they were sold-out and totally committed to Him and one another; but their old fashion, legalist approach to life and community limited their influence and did not change the world in which they lived. One good thing that came out of my visit was, I came away with a better understanding of the Everlasting Covenant of the Kingdom, Water Baptism and received enough Faith and Courage to continue fulfilling my calling and election.

The truth is my friend and I never really saw supernatural multiplication work for us the way that it worked for them; but it was not because we were not looking and reaching for it. That said, we did see supernatural provision and the blessing and favor of Yahweh flowing in and through our lives at a level that was unprecedented at the time. My friend died a while back, and I sang at his funeral. While visiting, I had the privilege of sharing with the widow of the man who built that Tabernacle of David that I was a part of her husband’s living legacy. I also told her that I truly had been a recipient of the covenant blessings of Yahweh and that I had baptized over 100 people into the Everlasting Covenant of the Kingdom.

The Bottom line is there is no magic formula or wand to wave. We are still not yet asking the right questions, whereby we may arrive at the correct conclusions someday. We are still limited by our own comfort zones and paradigms, and we are now coming into a time where the rubber meets the road. 2012 will prove to be a year that will separate the men from the boys as it pertains to living by faith, and it will awaken all of us to the reality that we have not been living out of the Spirit, or the blessing of His covenant.

We must now turn in our hearts while there is time. We must make the changes necessary to move into a position to receive Yahweh’s Kingdom provision. At this point we are the human resources, and each of us has a part and place in meeting the needs of others.

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