Sick & Tired Of Being Sick & Tired

The be honest with you, the following observations are a gross understatement when compared to scope of things that need to be addressed, but I will attempt to limit my ranting and raving to the most pressing issues at the moment.

Firstly, one of my greatest frustrations has to do with being almost powerless to make any real and lasting difference in the world in which I presently live. In a time when the future of our country and civilization is teetering somewhere between implosion and collapse, the Ekklesia has less influence than at any time in recent history.

I don’t want to be a bearer of bad news; but what has been going on for  sometime now, is not going to away anytime soon. I hate to say it but; all of the watching, waiting and forth telling over the past seven years has had very little effect on the everyday lives of those who should have been able to decipher the message that was being conveyed. Simply put, we failed to hear the heart of the Father concerning preparing or relating, and either ignored or disregarded both the messenger and the message. For the most part, the true prophets have either returned to their caves or have gone dark because of the deafening silence and white noise that is preventing them from hearing or forth telling anything at this time.

The cry and burden of my heart is be empowered to help, serve and thereby fulfill the practical will and purpose of Yahweh for my life. I live for the day when the eternal judgment of Yahweh makes right the things that are contrary to forward advancement of the Kingdom. I pray in hope, to live long enough to see true justice served, and the order and government of Yahweh restored to this planet. I realize the until government of His Kingdom brings order to the Ekklesia, that this generation is all but lost and undone.

NOT making a difference and NOT leaving things better, is NOT an option for me, and for those of you who know me, it should not be that difficult to understand how much of a challenge it it is for me to stand by and watch things rapidly deteriorate around me.

I am sick and tired of not making any real and lasting difference in the world.

I am sick and tired of talking about loving, caring and the fellowship of the brotherhood, when we are no more of one heart and mind than a burning boat full of scared rats.

I am sick and tired of not being empowered to help, serve and give myself fully to work.

I am sick and tired of all of the injustice, pain and suffering in our lives.

I am sick and tired of losing my friends and family to heinous sickness and wasting disease.

Note: This is only five of the things on my ‘sick and tired’ list, and believe me when I tell you, that I intend to mark them off of the list, one at a time.

“You don’t need a bucket list, when you live everyday to the fullest” blh

One of the things that I have learned about real and living relationship is, people do not relate that far outside of their spheres of influence, and they do not relate that deeply with people who do not value as important what they are carrying.

How long will it take for us to realize that Yahweh’s Kingdom provision is almost always connected to natural resources. How long will it take for us to understand that what we bring to the table is for somebody else. It is not about how it makes us feel to contribute. It is not about acceptance, approval or accolades. It is about validation, acceptance and fulfillment.

Note: This is an excerpt from a new book that I am in the process of writing. Please pray for me as co-pen the work by the helping grace of Yahweh. 

By Blake Higginbotham – A.K.A. (BigHigg)