Kingdom Power & Authority!

“True Kingdom authority is both Spirit-Sourced & Spirit- Led”  

‘True Kingdom power does not ignore or disregard ordained governmental authority’ 

Brethren> I appreciate all the different perspectives on this topic, and they are worthy of deeper thought and more careful consideration. However, while we may generally agree around the central themes and simple truths, we may indeed arrive at very different conclusions concerning the practical application of what both of them mean.

I have intentionally not cherry-picked the scriptures in order to state my case or strengthen my position, and that due to the fact, ‘that was then and this is now.’

That being said, the Scripture, both Older and Newer Testaments of the Bible primarily represent the written record of Yahweh’s dealings with His people for the past six to ten thousand years, as well as the life witness and testimony of their pain and suffering together.

The first century Ekklesia could not have been birthed in a more hostile environment, and their senseless torture and killing was mostly perpetrated by the religious zealots and leaders of their time. It is my opinion that Religion killed Yahshua, the apostles and every son of Yahweh who has ever died by the hands of zealots and secular government. Religion and secular government represent two super powers of usurped authority, and they have unrighteously used their power to govern and control the very people they should been serving and protecting.

RELIGION used the social culture in every generation since that time, to foment anger against the sons of Yahweh, and then the government would get involved or intervene, marking them as enemies of the state. At some point they became a target for persecution, ridicule and imprisonment. Once they were in the system, it was easy to convict, sentence and execute them. Selah!

Note: In the days ahead we need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves as it pertains to involvement with religious people and before we put ourselves into a compromising situation, we need to understand the potential consequences.

To be honest with you, I think that it would be a mistake to take everything that the early Ekklesia experienced and make it our hope and expectation. Nothing could be more horrific than to die at the hands of godless despots, not knowing whether or not we were truly Spirit-sourced and led, and it should be our desire to live long enough to fulfill the practical will and purpose of Yahweh for our lives, and while it may be true that death is not the end, I do not agree that we should make friends with it, or look forward to a visit from the grim reaper before it is time. I do not fear death, and have faced the reality of my mortality. I have also experienced, pain, suffering and rejection and on several occasions stared death in the face. Even so, most of us have never faced anything remotely close to what others are living everyday around the world and I think that it is wrong to make a covenant with death until such time we know in our heart that our time has come. We were born the LIVE unto HIM and for others, and we will not be going anywhere until we are finished.

What I think is missing from most of our discussions is the reality that our life here in the west in no way compares to what they lived on a daily basis. My concern is, what we are inferring is an unrealistic approach to what it means to be Spirit led, Kingdom people, and we are doing it by placing very little importance on the value of having been born and raised in the United States of America. I am not talking about National Pride or Citizenship. I am talking about being thankful for what we have been given and the importance of having it. I am taking about the value in preserving and keeping it for as long as we can. Brethren, I just do not hear any room being made in our discussions for anybody who may not be ready to lay it all down or play dead at this point.

“The difference between and activist and a proactivist is, an activist focuses of the problem; but a proactivist focuses on the solution” blh

If you were born and raised in this country, you should be thankful for the liberty we enjoy, and grateful for what it cost to acquire, preserve and keep it. With everything that is going on today, I hope and pray that we will be able to survive as a nation long enough to recover this generation from Spiritual Death & Hell. That being said, we very well have waited too long to make and real difference in that arena, but I will not take the collapse of our society laying down or hiding behind religious presuppositions.

Question: If our life witness and testimony is NOT in direct conflict with this present culture, then how can we claim to have fought the good fight, or finished the race that is set before us, and how can we be fully assured the we will hear Him say well done My good and faithful servant?

Note: If our life witness and testimony IS in conflict with this present culture, then it will confront the religious community, and thereby foment anger against the sons of Yahweh, and that could result in persecution, ridicule and martyrdom in the near future. So it is!

Note: The government that we elected to represent us has failed to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and has rather chosen to disregard the heart of the forefathers, as well as the will of the people. It has become painfully obvious to us that they intend to replace this republic with a very different system of government, and I assure you that it will be detrimental to the forward advancement of the Kingdom of  Yahweh. In a time when we should be working together to make things better, we are swallowing everything they are throwing at us, like a pack of feral hogs.