I Want More Of You

For the past several days I have been hearing the Father say, “I want more of you.” What this really means is, He wants ALL of us. We are living in a time when He will have ALL or NONE of us. The day of casual, platonic and surface relationship is over. Most of us have only begun to scratch the surface concerning what it means to go deep, or be close, personal and intimate. This gathering is about being open to what Holy Spirit is saying and doing concerning ordained, covenantal relationship. Going deeper requires being open with one another, which could lead to feeling uncovered and exposed. Openness requires being honest and transparent with one another, which could make us feel extremely vulnerable.

Note: For the past decade most of us have been oppressed by the spirit of Anti-Christ. (Anti-Christ = Anti-Messiah = Anti-Anointing = Anti-Spirit or anything or anybody that is AGAINST HOLY SPIRIT. In other words APOSTATE. We have been seduced by influences and forces that are against Holy Spirit and contrary to the order and government of Yahweh.

Instead of pressing into the our relationship with the Sovereign and one another, we gave ourselves over to lawless and licentious behavior. Every man has been doing what seems right in his own eyes for some time now.  We want what we want, and it seems that we will stop at nothing to satiate our appetite for more. We have become a selfish, proud and arrogant people whose hearts have grown cold and dark with that which is lacking, wanting and coming behind. Our rebellion and disobedience has cost some of us everything and the jury is still out as to what the final assessment will be for our indulgences.


One thought on “I Want More Of You

  1. This will be the trust of the A.K.A. Gathering this week. If you would like to receive a copy of my journal notes concerning our time together, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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