The NAME of Yahshua!

The worlds in which we live are dying for us to show up, so HE can appear, and all of creation is still groaning in travail for the coming of the corporate SON of MAN.

Authority to cast out demons in HIS name should be a given by NOW; but we are still trying to figure out whether the devil is a figment of our imaginations, and some are wondering if he ever really existed at all. Others are still debating over how much power and authority he commands.

It is my opinion, that we have dropped the ball over the past decade as it pertains living out of the full comprehensive plan of salvation, and as a result, lost ground on our watch. This is one of the most demonized generations that has ever lived, and we are groping around in the dark, trying to find our way into the light.

Going forth in the power of HIS name has to become a reality in order for us to prevail in the future. NAME is NATURE. Simply put, we must become the incarnation of the LIVING WORD of Yahweh and go forth with the understanding we have been authorized and qualified to represent by referral, HIS NAME. (Yahshua)

What I see as the primary problem with our witness is, it is not based on overcoming by the blood of the LAMB and WORD of our testimony, and we still love our live way to much to lay it down for a friend. Selah!


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