M&M- Precedent & Protocol

“An overseer, then, must be . . . the husband of one wife . . . who manages his own household well . . . (if a man does not know how to manage his own household, how will he take care of the church of God?) . . .”

I believe this passage of Scripture establishes the highest precedent and protocol for those of us who are serving in the ministry.

Providing oversight requires maturity, stability and being a living epistle. I am thankful to have known and been related to a few men who have represented the heart of the above passage, and when it came to deviating from the established precedent and protocol, they had the wisdom to weigh out all of the facts, and move forward with righteous deliberation.

And while I do not believe the the afore mentioned precedent or protocol is cause for disqualification from service, I do believe that those who will be providing oversight should prayerfully consider them before taking on that responsibility.

When our life and ministry takes precedent over spouse and marriage, they both are heading for trouble.

We also need to discuss several things that pertain to proper protocol for socially interacting and engaging someone other than your spouse. I am personally concerned with some things that I see developing among the fellowship of the brotherhood that need NOT be ignored.


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