The Serpent’s Seed -vs- The Sons of Yahweh

Holy Spirit recently spoke a word to me that I believe will become a message that when received will begin to uproot the historically entrenched prince devils in every region to where we are sent. 

Since that time, He has been speaking to me about pulling down some strongholds that are deeply rooted in most of the regions to where we are  sent.

The following teaching clearly addresses some the problems that we are facing in the Southeast. ‘The Serpent Seed Doctrine

Note: I am clear on what I believe to be true concerning this doctrine. It became popularized by William M. Branham in our life time. It may take a few month or even years to pull down this stronghold.

Note: As it pertains to origin, we are all indirectly related to the first man ADAM. He was created in the likeness and image of Yahweh and became a living being. In other words, the breath of life and the DNA of Yahweh exist at some level in every MAN who has ever lived, and that includes the those who do not yet know who they are in Him. That being said, all of MANKIND are in that way are the children and offspring of YAHWEH. However, as it pertains to the new birth and new creation, we are all directly related to the last man ADAM, and by the grace of finished work of Messiah and the ongoing work of Holy Spirit, we are becoming the SONS of Yahweh. The Scripture teaches that those that are led by Holy Spirit, these are the SONS of YAHWEH.  


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