Real & Living Relationship

Practical wisdom concerning developing real and living relationships

1). All relationship starts with fellowship.

2). Real and living relationship is a two way street that is teeming with life and mutual benefit.

3). When hearing the heart of others becomes more important than hearing ourselves talk, the way we relate will change.

4). Sharing our lives with others will guarantee that it will continue beyond our expiration date.

5). Birthed by the Spirit, Nurtured by Grace and Established by Love

Note: Unless and until we are willing to relate beyond our petty differences, nothing much will change about our lives together. Diversity is the spice of life and unity cannot be achieved without controversy, conflict, concession and compromise. Simply put, we need one another, and we are better together.

Real & Living Relationship

Real & Living Relationship



2 thoughts on “Real & Living Relationship

  1. Well said Blake. We often love to share our own revelations and teachings but often don’t take enough time to really listen to others and understand their hearts and what they want to share. If we really love each other and it’s a genuine relationship of the spirit, then even if there are some differences, the relationship can still be maintained and we can show patience and respect to one another. This is also vital for unity and oneness in the body of Christ. There will come a time when denominationalism will simply melt away as we walk in Holy Spirit and walk in the glory of God and walk in genuine godly love one to another. When we truly sincerely allow Jesus to be Lord and head of His church.

  2. @Marcus> Thank you dear brother. If we keep these five points of grace before us at all times, maybe they will serve to help us keep our hearts humble before Yahweh and one another. We must learn to accept and appreciate who we are in Him, before we can celebrate our differences. Our differences should not be cause for separation, and they should not be something that we use to stoke our pride and egos.

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