As For Me & My House-4-23-16

Re: The Shabbat & time of the Spring Feast. (Happy Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, Pentecost – April 21st —>May 29th)

Just a note to make you aware of some changes that I am making in my life and this house. These  changes while minor, I believe they are a part of what Holy Spirit is saying and doing in and through me right now.

1). I have decided to stop going to the show for the time being and that until such time that I deem something worthy of my time and money.

2). That will also include  no longer spending endless hours of quality family time trying to find something decent to watch on television. To do so, is a useless expenditure of time and energy and time could be better spent engaging one another in meaningful conversation about the King and His domain, or life in general.

Note: This is not a law, but it is a measure of self- restraint that will effect the order of the house. You are not bound by these restrictions; but if you feel compelled to restrain yourself, then it needs to be by mutual consent.

Note: A few weeks ago I laid out a clear path forward. Some of you have already stepped up the plate, while others of you are still trying to figure out what we are saying and doing differently. Again, the way forward will include fully embracing the heart and philosophy of this house and family. It will also include submitting to the word of the Spirit for and allowing me and others to help you become all you can be in HIM.

Things to remember;

“Real, True and Genuine leadership inspires greatness in others.”

The way forward will not be easy, but it will be fruitful and productive.

“What you bring to the table is for someone else, it is not about how it makes you feel to contribute.” blh

Note: I will be listening to Wholetones most everyday throughout the time of the Spring Feast and until such time I am released.

I suggest that you limit your time watching television and talking on the phone, so that you can once again hear His voice and proceed forward knowing HIS prime directive for our lives together.

Selah, Shaloam




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