Real, Genuine & Authentic Leadership

“Real & Living Relationship is a two way street, that is teeming with life and mutual benefit.” BLH

Note: Covenantal relationship, Marriage & Family are the same in the Spirit and while they may look different as it pertains to administration, they all involve self-sacrifice, concession, compromise and commitment.

Note: The difference between that which real authentic, genuine and true and that which is faux, fake, fictional and false becomes obvious when we are able to properly discern who or what is being best served, who or what is benefitting the most, and who or what is still there when it is all said and done.

Sonship & Leadership involves serving others within our sphere of influence and genuinely caring for their well-being.

“Real, Genuine & True leaders inspire greatness in others.”

Note: If your Natural and Spiritual leaders are not inspiring and empowering you to to become all you can be in HIM, then they are enabling your to fail by keeping you dependent on their immediate instruction and direct oversight. They are hindering, limiting and thwarting your forward and upward movement and progress. Look beyond them for assistance, help and support until such time you are able to see the way forward. Take responsibility for your own life and destiny. Man up and become all you can be and always be cognizant of the reality that you did not get to where you are without those who were given and sent to you by Yahweh. Holy Spirit knows who and what you need and He will work in and through other sons, brothers and friends in your life. If you are blessed to be able to walk with a true apostle, who is a father, then be thankful and grateful for whatever time you have together. There is no such thing as Self-Made-Men and none of us fully become all we can be apart for Him and one another.

Caution: Do not use this information against those whom Yahweh has given and sent to you; but prayerfully consider what I am sharing with you in light of where you are in relationship to where you need to BE. Selah